About Us


We are a collective of women who are passionate about making Barely There Gems. Encouraging, mindful gifts for others or ourselves, made to spread beauty, happiness, and joy.

We believe in the power of self-care, slowing down, and celebrating nature.


Our Gems are a reminder to be mindful, to care for the earth, and each other. A beautiful and light accessory to wear all day long. Made with love, while listening to music and the birds.


Each Barely There accessory is made with care and intention, to bring a smile to your face and be a reminder of your intention to live in the moment.

These beautiful gems represent the diversity of the earth, its gift to us, and remind us of our intention to care for the earth in return.


A simple and loving way to bring a smile to someone’s face, and the perfect accessory for a perfect day.

Where we come from

Barely There Gems are made from our small studio in Wilderness in the lovely Garden Route South Africa. We started off around the dining room table, office by day, home by night, and we still feel very at home in our small creative space, even though it isn’t quite the kitchen anymore.

Amazingly our little offerings of love have made their way all around the world as gifts, mementos or just ‘my special gem that I can’t be separated from’.

It’s a simple story of a few women and a lot of positive thoughts. We’ve had ups and downs, births, deaths, pandemics, storms, lots of glorious sunshine, cold days and steaming cups of tea. We are still here shaping our love and intention into something that you can live and love in.

With love and blessings,

Li, Figgy, Orial, Shanita and Leah