a single jewel on the décolletage, simple yet outstanding


illuminate with natures perfect reflection


individual in beauty and character, each gem is a treasure


“We love, that’s why life is full of so many wonderful gifts.” ― Rumi

Barely There Gems are a touch of something precious. Small gifts from the earth to remind us of our own inner beauty, spirit and love. And a gentle reminder that the earth needs our care in return.

Gemstones are renowned for their energetic qualities and are far more than just beautiful pieces of rock. In ancient cultures they had sacred meanings and their healing properties were as important as their decorative ones. Every ‘Barely There’ is packaged on a card stating the energetic qualities and beneficial attributes of each gemstone.

Barely There – Each Gem is suspended on a transparent nylon string and fastened at the back with three small Swarovski Crystals. Barely There’s can be worn as a necklet, on the wrist as a bracelet, or around the ankle as an anklet, becoming three accessories in one.

Natural Collection– Each Gem is strung on a cotton thread with a polyester core making it strong and durable, only 100 percent cotton comes in contact with the skin. The string is fastened with a sterling silver clasp and finished with small sterling silver beads. Each Barely There Natural can be worn as a necklet, on the wrist as a bracelet or around the ankle as an anklet, becoming three accessories in one.

Sterling silver – Each Gem is on a Sterling silver chain which is extendable, between 40 – 45 cm and presented in a beautiful and original gift box.

Silver earrings – Barely There Sterling silver earrings come in two different lengths, a brushed silver stud or a delicate drop, and are the perfect accompanying gems to both the invisible nylon and Sterling silver range and are also presented in a gift box.

Precious Africa – Mama Africa is where many of our Gems originate from and where our small gathering of women listen to music and create the beautifully finished end product that finds its way from the Earth to our hands, to yours. Precious Africa is a range of Gemstones specifically found on the African continent and islands, culminating their journey in the lovely Garden Route, South Africa, where they wait for their new homes.